About us

Ngurrangga Tours is a multi award-winning, fully Aboriginal owned and operated company delivering cultural tourism experiences within the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Ngurrangga Tours has over 10 years of experience educating and immersing visitors in culture and history so they can understand more about Pilbara Aboriginal culture and country.

Each Ngurrangga tour guide has extensive knowledge of Country and Culture and takes pride in giving guests an engaging experience every time.

Guests are given the opportunity to learn about bush foods and medicines, explore stunning locations, view and understand ancient rock art in the world’s largest outdoor rock art gallery, hear traditional stories and listen to traditional songs sung using the wirra (boomerang).

Our guides


Clinton is a Ngarluma/ Yindjibarndi man, whose Traditional Lands encompass the coastal and inland areas of the West Pilbara region such as the City of Karratha, Dampier Archipelago, Murujuga National Park and Millstream-Chichester National Park.

Clinton has spent his entire life learning from his Elder’s and family about the traditional ways of his people. As well as speaking Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi languages, he has also been initiated in his people’s Aboriginal Law Ceremony (Birdarra) and is an active member in his cultural responsibilities of looking after his Ngurra (Country).

Clinton started Ngurrangga Tours to educate and immerse people in the ways of his culture and history so that they could understand more about Pilbara Aboriginal culture and Country. Ngurrangga Tours mostly operates from Karratha and offers visitors a unique experience of the Pilbara through the eyes of a traditional owner. Clinton is passionate about raising the profile of the Burrup Peninsula; located in Murujuga National Park. It is one of Australia’s most significant heritage sites and an important cultural place for Aboriginal people.

Anthony Evans

Language Groups: Ngarluma/Gurruma
Skin Group: Banaga

Anthony was born and bred in Roebourne. Anthony worked as a mechanic for Rio Tinto up until recently before making the switch to Cultural Tourism so he can be out on Country more often. Anthony is a passionate story teller of Aboriginal History, including the colonial impacts, and loves hunting in his spare time.

Jaden Bobby

Language Groups: Ngarluma/Gurruma

Jaden lives  in Roebourne and did part of his schooling out at Millstream whilst his father was a Ranger there, he was one of the last students of School of the Air. Jaden has fond memories of exploring gorges at recess time. Jaden loves sharing his Culture that has been passed down to him from his families and will have your tour group laughing in no time with his warm sense of humour.

Elijah Walker

Language Groups: Ngarluma/Yindjibarndi/Gurruma
Skin Group: Balyirri

Jayden lives in Karratha and he was born and bred in Roebourne and Karratha. He is Ngurrangga’s youngest recruit and tour guide and is very passionate about learning and teaching what he knows about his culture. He is a young father of one daughter, too.