Corporate Clients

Did you know that Ngurrangga Tours began as a workplace facilitator of cross cultural awareness training before expanding in to tourism? That means we have close to 13 years experience working with corporate clients in delivering cultural training days; team building days; team retreats for all levels of any sized business.

CORPORATE Cross Cultural Awareness Training

Foster resilience and build inclusive groups with our 4 hours of learning in-classroom or learn awareness and skills to nourish cross cultural understanding in breathtaking landscapes whilst foraging for seafood and seasonal bushfoods in the On-Country follow up. Prices are per head, with a minimum 10 persons per group, or cost thereof; and a maximum of 40. A further 20% off classes over 20, using promo code PAX2030 at checkout. 


CORPORATE Understanding Ngarda Culture - Classroom Based

Duration: 4 hours 

Highlights: Topics include local history, kinship systems, Native Title among others. 

Location: Training can be delivered onsite at your workplace or venue, or we can arrange at an extra cost.

CORPORATE Understanding Ngarda Culture - On Country

Duration: 6 hours

Highlights: Forage for seafood and seasonal bushfoods in breathtaking landscapes. Develop these skills over a traditional campfire cook-up under a yatha (traditional hut).

Location: Hearson’s Cove

Gubija – CORPORATE short trips

Prices are per person, with 30 pax maximum.  A hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, water and camera is recommended. 50% deposit at time of booking and remaining 50% to payable within 2 weeks of experience completed.  National Park fees included. 

CORPORATE Premium Rock Art Tour - Nganjarli

Take a 2 hour guided tour with a Traditional Owner through Nganjarli, Murujuga National Park, which has the highest concentration of rock art in the world and rediscover the petroglyphs (rock art) created by the Yaburrara (Northern Ngarluma) people.

CORPORATE Rock Art Tour - Yaburrara

Enjoy a 2 hour guided tour with a traditional owner along a section of the Yaburrara Trail right in the middle of Karratha. Highlights include a Welcome to Country and learning about the stories behind the petroglyphs created by the Yaburrara (Northern Ngarluma) people. The ridge is rich with petroglyphs dating back over 6,000 year.

CORPORATE Rock Art & Bush Tucker Tour

The 4 hour Rock Art and Bush Tucker tour is an extended experience where guests can enjoy coastal foraging for seasonal bush foods and seafood whilst learning about traditional uses.

CORPORATE Cossack Town Tour

Guests enjoy an easy, 1 hour stroll through the historical town of Cossack to learn a cross cultural history of Bajinhurrba (Cossack)

Wanarra – CORPORATE long and camping trips

Explore the Pilbara with Traditional Owners who will deliver a memorable experience for all. And if a day isn’t enough: come camping with us! Book up to four nights exploring and yarning with the Ngurrangga Guides. Rates are per regular 4WD with a minimum of 4 (or cost thereof) and a maximum of 10 4WD per booking. Each vehicle can have as many guests as they would like. Prices are per regular car, buses or larger vehicles will be charged additional charge. Full payment or 50% deposit at time of booking and remaining 50% to payable within 2 weeks of experience completed.


CORPORATE 4WD Tag-along Tour

Highlights include 4WDing into stunning locations, Traditional Welcome to Country, Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art (highest concentration in the world), Sacred Sites, Traditional Stories, Bush Medicine, Bush Tucker.

CORPORATE 4WD Overnight Tag-along Tour

Highlights include learning the ancient arts of Bush Medicine and Bush Tucker, sampling traditional foods such as damper or roo tail stew.