gubija - short tours

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New night time tour

Find yourself immersed in an idyllic Pilbara sunset in a secluded spot at Hearson’s Cove whilst learning traditional hunting and foraging methods. Sit around a fire, under the stars, and learn Ancient Aboriginal stories shared for thousands of years. Finish up with a corroborree (Ngunda/ a traditional dance) by the campfire. 

Premium Rock Art Tour - Nganjarli

Take a 2 hour guided tour with a Traditional Owner through Nganjarli, Murujuga National Park, which has the highest concentration of rock art in the world and rediscover the petroglyphs (rock art) created by the Yaburrara (Northern Ngarluma) people.

Rock Art Tour - Yaburrara

Enjoy a 2 hour guided tour with a traditional owner along a section of the Yaburrara Trail right in the middle of Karratha. Highlights include a Welcome to Country and learning about the stories behind the petroglyphs created by the Yaburrara (Northern Ngarluma) people. The ridge is rich with petroglyphs dating back over 6,000 year.

Rock Art & Bush Tucker Tour

The Rock Art and Bush Tucker tour is an extended experience where guests can enjoy coastal foraging for seasonal bush foods and seafood whilst learning about traditional uses.

Cossack Town Tour

Guests enjoy an easy, one hour stroll through the historical town of Cossack to learn a cross cultural history of Bajinhurrba (Cossack)